Policy Direction

The Canadian Web3 Council advocates for responsible public policy that fosters the growth of the digital asset sector, enhancing choice and opportunities for all Canadians.

Our efforts aim to create an environment where web3 innovation is supported by robust and forward-thinking policies, allowing blockchain technology to play a transformative role in Canada’s economic landscape.

Through informed and strategic policy direction, government and industry can align on a vision for Web3’s role in Canada’s future digital economy, addressing key concerns and empowering Canadians to recognize the economic and social benefits of these innovations.


Regulatory Clarity

CW3 supports establishing clear, transparent, and consistent regulations across the Web3 ecosystem, recognizing the importance of formal rule-making processes and thorough consultations to avoid gaps in clarity and application.

A key area of focus is resolving critical issues surrounding the definition, categorization, and regulatory treatment of crypto assets, including fundamental questions such as what constitutes a crypto asset or a security. Another key concern relates to the treatment of value-referenced crypto assets, serving as a prime example of how regulation can either support or restrict the development of the sector.

Through enhanced regulatory clarity, we aim to bridge the current gaps and align Canada’s framework with global standards, ensuring that Web3 technologies thrive under a balanced and well-defined regulatory regime.


Industry Consultations

The Canadian Web3 Council (CW3) actively engages in numerous consultations to influence and shape the future of digital finance and Web3 in Canada. Our advocacy and submissions demonstrate our commitment to fostering a regulatory environment that supports innovation and protects consumers.

We emphasize the importance of clear, transparent, and practical regulations that address current gaps and anticipate future technological developments.

Through our collaborative approach, we can ensure the voices of all stakeholders are heard, build consensus within the industry and work with government bodies to develop well-informed policies that support the safe and beneficial use of Web3 technologies in Canada.


Support for Blockchain Ecosystem & Tech

CW3 champions the integration of blockchain into Canada’s national innovation strategies. Federal and provincial support in the form of funding, talent, and capital are required to acknowledge and support blockchain’s potential to enhance Canada’s digital economy.

We emphasize the need for an actionable, informed approach, shifting from general support to strategic engagements that fuel sector growth.

Further, we support the development of a national blockchain strategy that aligns with broader innovation strategies and addresses key concerns related to productivity, competition and modernization.

Policy Objectives

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Stablecoin Regulation

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Policy Submissions

Contributed to several government consultations, budget submissions, advocacy efforts, and international submissions, amplifying the industry’s voice at international, federal and provincial levels.

Educational Initiatives

Raised awareness and organized events educating officials on crypto and blockchain, bolstering understanding and support among leaders.